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Musky Hunter Starter Kit

Musky Hunter Starter Kit
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Price: $59.95
Availability: In Stock
Model: VD044 & 42, XX077, SUOO1, BK051

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Everything you (or your friend) will need to take the 'lunge next season! You get: 

**"Please choose options according to location - "Domestic = shipping & subscription inside the U.S., "Foreign = shipping & subscription outside the U.S.***

Domesitc - $59.95, Foreign - $65.95

*A 1-year subscription to Musky Hunter Magazine

North America's Musky Authority since 1989, Six big issues - a $23.95 value. (Foreign, $24.95 value)

(Current subscribers receive an extension to their subscription - the subscription is sent separate from the merchandise and begins with our next scheduled mailing at the time the order is placed).

*A SOFTCOVER copy of Jim Saric's Muskies My Way

Jim Saric reveals the intangibles and techniques that have helped him boat nearly 200 muskies 50 inches or more!  237pp. - a $19.95 value.

*A Musky Hunter 2018 calendar

A $14.99 value.

*A copy of MHTV Season 7 DVD set, and a MHTV hightlight reel DVD

A $34.95 value.

*A musky hunter decal

High-quality weatherproof vinyl with no-mar adhesive.

All for only $49.95 plus $10 shipping & handling (*Foreign orders $52.95 plus $13.00 shipping & handling). That is a saving of approximately 42% off of the list price of these items.  **Domestic - $59.95 total, Foreign - $65.95 total

Musky Hunter Starter Kit
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Musky Hunter Starter Kit
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Musky Hunter Starter Kit
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