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2008 Back-Issues

2008 Back-Issues
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December 2007/January 2008

Think Differently by Spence Petros

Are You Stuck In A Rut? by Mike Hulbert

Drop-Shot For Big Muskies by Jon Bondy

Forget Finesse by Steve Heiting

Shallow, Deep, Or Somewhere In-Between by Jim Bortz

Home Of The Tiger by Kim Wagner

Got Wood? by Joel Deboer

A History Of Musky Release by Larry Ramsell

Musky Misconceptions by Tom Dietz

February/March 2008

Research Corner: How Big Is Big Enough? by Jordan Weeks

Reality Check by Joe Bucher

Big Wheels Keep On Turnin' by Scott Richardson

Stalking A Monster by Mike Hulbert

Anatomy Of A Point by Spence Petros

Watch Out For The Hook by Steve Heiting

Winter On The Big River by Jim Bortz

Odd Muskies - reader submissions

6 Steps To Your First Musky by Dave Dorazio

The Pre-Dawn Period by Tony Grant

From The Back Of The Boat by Johnny Dadson

April/May 2008

Research Corner: Project Green Gene by Steve Pallo

Define The Strike Zone by Joe Bucher

Anatomy Of A Weedbed by Spence Petros

Pop The Top For Fly Rod Muskies by Robert Tomes

Spring's Fine Line by Jim Saric

Is White The New Black? by Jim Bortz

Big Fish, Small Spots by Dennis Radloff

In Search Of New Water by Ken Jackson

Bust A Stump by Tom Dietz

Work The Wood by Chad Cain

August/September 2008

Research Corner: Baitfish Biology, Southern Style by Steve Pallo

3 Keys To Musky Success by Joe Bucher

Happy Hour by Jim Saric

Get A Clue by Steve Heiting

A Time For Topwaters by Mike Hulbert

Tangled Up In Goo by Scott Kieper

Trolling 'Tails by Gregg Thomas

Workin' The Night Shift by Tony Grant

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