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2011 Back-Issues

2011 Back-Issues
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December 2010/January 2011

Keys To A 50-Incher by Jordan Weeks

Find The One by Joe Bucher

The Drive For A 55 by Tim Anderson

Christmas Vacation Muskies by Danny Kurttila with Glenn Grindstaff

Dragons In The Hallway by Matt Straw

Develop A Pattern by Spence Petros

Livebaitin' The South by Tony Grant

Lure Tools & Stuff by Tom Gelb


February/March 2011

Musky Growth by Jordan Weeks

The Ergo Advantage by Joe Bucher

'28 Muskies in 6 Days' Revisited by James Lindner

Saltwater Apps For Muskies by Larry Dahlberg

Little Things That Add Up by Spence Petros

Is It Me? by Steve Heiting

Early Season Trolling Options by Gregg Thomas

Big Rewards From The South by Tony Grant

Go For Muskies Now by Spencer Berman

April/May 2011

Research On The Ottawa by Steve Pallo

Wacky Worm Muskies by Joe Bortz

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff by Jim Bortz

Musky Migration Routes by Matthew Gunkel

So... Why Was 2010 Special?  by Mike Hulbert

Springtime Lovebaitin' by Doug Kloet

A Musky Is A Musky, But Fishermen Are Different by Tom Dietz

Grow Confidence by Adam Oberfoell

August/September 2011

 Musky Society by Jordan Weeks

Jungle Muskies by Joe Bucher

Summer Is Hamer Time by Matt Straw

Gliders Revisited by Jim Bortz

Silent Night by Mike Hulbert

The River Option by Tony Grant

Big Water Muskies Part 2 by Matt Straw

Under Pressure by Spencer Berman

October/November 2011

 Research Corner:  Hooking Mortality by Jordan Weeks

Fall Philosophies by Joe Bucher

Offbeat Fall Tactics by Bob Turgeon

Turn A Musky Into A Sucker by Matt Straw

Sucker Set-ups by Gregg Thomas

A Deadly Deep Water Pattern by Rob Manthei

The Fall Bonanza by Spencer Berman

Slow & Low by Mike Hulbert



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