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2012 Back-Issues

2012 Back-Issues
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December 2011/January 2012

Research Corner:  Distribution & Management by Steve Pallo

Winter Lure Fixes by Joe Bucher

Baitfish Dynamics by Steve Heiting

Off-Season Matters by Gregg Thomas

Fish Logically by Spencer Berman

From Concept To Market by Eric Larsen

A Wise Investment by Adam Oberfoell

Stay In The Game by Tony Grant

February/March 2012

Research Corner:  Angler Attitude by Jordan Weeks

Slabs For Slobs by Joe Bucher

Lure Order by Spencer Berman

Go Ahead... Make Your Day by Jim Saric

No Pattern... Now What? by Steve Heiting

Top Tactics For Fishing Weeds by Spence Petros

Master Musky Mind Games by Mike Hulbert

Tools Of The Trade by Jim Murphy

Top 10 Spring Reservoir Patterns by Tony Grant

April/May 2012

Angler Attitude, Part 2 by Jordan Weeks

Light & Variable by Joe Bucher

Pattern Fishing by Spence Petros

Explore New Waters by Matthew Gunkel

Break From Tradition by Mike Hulbert

Settle The Early Season Debate by Gregg Thomas

Muskies: Weather Or Not by Tony Grant

Prepare For The Opener by Ryan McMahon

June/July 2012

Muskies Over The Wall by Max Wolter

Weird Weather Triggers by Joe Bucher

Simplify Spring Muskies by Luke Ronnestrand

The Big Picture by Larry Ramsell

The Canoe Alternative by Ace Sommerfield

St. Clair:  In The Spotlight by Spencer Berman

Salvage Your Summer by Chad Cain

Big At A Small Time by Gregg Thomas

Still Standing by Bob Frye

August/September 2012

How Muskies Affect Other Fish by Steve Pallo

Go-To Baits For Canada by Joe Bucher

Battle The Bloom by Steve Heiting

The Big Picture by Larry Ramsell

Trigger More Strikes by Spence Petros

St. Clair Spotlight by Spencer Berman

Crash Course by Steve Genson

Hit The Beach!  by Tom Dietz

October/November 2012

Research Corner: Hoosier Muskies by Steve Pallo

The Magic Of Inside Turns by Joe Bucher

Roll With The Changes by Dennis Radloff

After The Cisco Spawn by Luke Ronnestrand

3 Factors For Fall Giants by Mike Hulbert

Fall Journey For Southern 'Skies by Tony Grant

Overlooked Fall Patterns by Kevin Kray

The Fall Bonanza by Lou Eich

Straight Shootin' by Ryan McMahon



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