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2015 Back-Issues

2015  Back-Issues
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December 2014/January 2015

Individual Muskies by Jordan Weeks

Happy Hookers by Joe Bucher

8 Things I've Learned In Musky School by Steve Heiting

Habits Of The Best by Joel DeBoer

Musky Resolutions by Tony Grant

Efficiency For The Weekend Warrior by Brad Patterson

Workaday Muskies by Dan Gurtner

Overcoming A Slump by Sam Ubl


 February/March 2015

Research Corner:  Tennessee Studies Musky Recruitment by Steve Pallo

Wind, Waves & Musky Location by Joe Bucher

The Eddy Factor by Steve Heiting

Change Your Day by Tom Gelb

TV Tips For Your Personal Best by Jim Saric

Cold Starts by Tony Grant

You Never Know Until You Go by Mke Hulbert

Lure Movements: Ideas for 2015 by Gregg Thomas

Mimic by Spencer Berman


April/May 2015

Research Corner:  Just Right by Jordan Weeks

Up Your Musky Game by Joe Bucher

Thou Shalt Not... by Marty Forman

Extra Effort by Pete Anderson

A Complex Matter by Ace Sommerfeld

Virginia's Musky Turnpike by Britt Stoudenmire

Scratch The Itch by Joel DeBoer

3 Ways To Get An Edge by Tony Grant

June/July 2015

Research Corner:  Stocking Strategies by Jordan Weeks

Phase 2:  Improve Your Musky Game by Joe Bucher

Early Season Giants by Eric Larsen

No Follows?  No Problem by Jim Saric

6 Tips For A Fast Start by Steve Heiting

No Pressure In The Zone by Sam Ubl

The X Factor by Tom Gelb

Gr8 B8s by Charles Weiss

Venture Into The Abyss by Ryan McMahon

August/September 2015

Research Corner:  Michigan's Inland Great Lakes Muskies by Steve Pallo

4 Surefire Late Summer Tactics by Joe Bucher

Stubborn Summer Muskies by Steve Genson

Pleasure Boat Paradox by Braden Eisenhower

Add Some Lead To Your Leaders by Jeff Hanson

Triple Threat Summer Trolling by Erik Jacobson

Turn "Em On During Turnover by Rob Manthei

Tune Your Rubber by Spencer Berman

October/November 2015

Research Corner: Musky Growth Potential by Jordan Weeks

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone by Joe Bucher

No Follows In Fall by Luke Ronnestrand

In Search Of A White Whale by Steve Genson

Livebait Tips & Tricks by Rob Manthei

3 Keys To Fall Giants by Spencer Berman

Advanced Jigging Tips by Jon Bondy

Artificials Vs. Livebait by Joel DeBoer














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